We’re a friendly group of non-religious people. Anyone who’s a humanist, or thinks they might be, is welcome to our meetings and events, which take place in Richmond, Twickenham and Kingston. You don’t need to “join” anything – we don’t have formal membership.

We are Partners of Humanists UK, the country’s leading organisation bringing non-religious people together to develop their own views and an understanding of the world around them.

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How do I know if I’m a humanist?

Humanists are people who shape their own lives in the here and now, because we believe it’s the only life we have. We make sense of the world through logic, reason, and evidence, and always seek to treat those around us with warmth, understanding, and respect. In other words:


If you’re non-religious and look to science, reason, empathy, and compassion in order to live an ethical and meaningful life, then you’re probably a humanist. Take a look at the “What is Humanism?” section on our Resources page, or try this “How humanist are you?” quiz.


  • Hampton Court Palace
    Hampton Court Palace
  • Twickenham Riverside
    Twickenham Riverside
  • Hammersmith Bridge
    Hammersmith Bridge
  • Kingston Market Square
    Kingston Market Square
  • Kew Gardens
    Kew Gardens
  • Richmond Riverside
    Richmond Riverside